As a jewellery artist and goldsmith, I focus on creating distinctive handcrafted pieces in gold and silver, often accented by precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Whether you are looking for a custom design, a re-design of your jewellery, maybe a replacement for a chain or have lost a favourite earring, I can help in most things jewellery related. If you like some of my pieces, contact me to see if it is in stock or available at one of several select outlets. If not, I'll make you one!


A selection of my hand-crafted jewellery is now available at the Art Gallery of Peterborough gift shop, Art Gallery of Bancroft gift shop, Dragonfly Arts on Broadway in Orangeville, and at Launch Gallery in Peterborough. Drop in for a browse. If you have special wishes, please contact me to discuss. I can customize the design, make any length of necklace or bracelet, modify earrings types, and make rings to size.

Custom Designs

Perhaps you are looking for a special or unique piece of jewellery or you have an idea that you want to have realized for a piece that has personal meaning, feel free to contact me to discuss. I will work with you on a design and offer advice on options that will fit your budget and fulfill your wishes.

Start by having an idea of what you are looking for, the styles you like, and what you are willing to spend (budget range).

Next, an orientation call or visit can narrow the choices and make it possible for me to provide an estimate for your project. Once the design specifications are defined, generally a 50% deposit will be required, with full payment on delivery of the finished piece.

During the process, open communication is key to achieving a piece that meets your expectations. Sometimes, modifications can result in additional time or changes in materials, which may also affect the cost of the project, so having a budget range can help to accommodate modifications.

Browse my Gallery page for ideas, and remember it can all be customized. Price for each piece is individual, as I can accommodate requests for changes to a design, or use alternative materials that reflect your choices for quality and price. Want a higher or lower karat gold? That's possible and will impact the cost of a project. Also, there is much choice in gemstones, from genuine (ethically sourced), to man-made alternatives, to using gems from your vintage jewellery.

How long will it take? Well, custom design and quality work require time, often taking a few weeks to go from contact to completion. Many ideas can be generated during the design process, and I will take the time to convey the consequences of each design configuration, so that you can be part of the process and decide what is right for you and your budget.

We can discuss your project by phone/email, video conference or in person.

Bespoke or ready made?

Stuller: Choose, Change, Create

Besides making jewellery, I can also advise you on what to look for when you are considering purchasing commercial jewellery. As a local representative of Stuller Inc. I can give you access to thousands of high quality products from one of the industry's most trusted suppliers.

Whether you are looking to replace a chain, find a gift or have found what you want from their vast selection of jewellery, I can give you concierge service in making a selection that is right for you. Check out Stuller's online catalogue, then call or send me an email with the item # you're interested in and I'll provide up-to-date pricing and advice on any product. Online shopping can be daunting, especially for more costly items, but feel confident making the right choice with a helping hand from your "personal jeweller"!

Jewellery-making lessons & home parties

Interested in making jewellery?

Learn the traditional skills of a goldsmith with private lessons at my home studio, from beginner to advanced, please contact me to make individual arrangements.

Or join one of my jewellery classes at the Art School of Peterborough. Weekly 3 hour classes for beginners run throughout the year, or consider the many workshops that focus on specific techniques or projects including:

  • Byzantine Bracelet - make a byzantine bracelet and hand-made clasp.
  • Chainmaking - explore making a variety of chain patterns used in jewellery.
  • Casting in Silver - create unique designs in wax and finish the cast silver pieces.
  • Silver Band Rings - form and solder silver into band rings for carving or texturing.
  • Water Casting Silver - cast molten silver into water for organic shapes to use in jewellery.
  • Earrings for Fun - earrings made from wire, beads or pearls, and a little imagination.
  • Roller printing - create unique designs in metals with a rolling mill.
  • Stone setting - learn to set gemstones in bezels or tube settings.

If you are interested in organizing a home party, to make your own bracelets or earrings, please contact me for details.

Contributing to a Sustainable Environment

Like many people, I feel a responsibility to reduce my impact on the environment and I strive to do so when producing my jewellery. It's interesting to note that metalsmiths have been making objects and jewellery for thousands of years, yet electricity has only been available for the past one hundred years or so. Thus, much of a goldsmith/jeweller's work involves skill and knowledge and basic hand tools.

I prefer to focus on traditional techniques such as piercing, cold forging, roller printing, forming and texturing, which do not require electricity. I avoid using mass production techniques such as electronic laser welders, electroplating and other energy dependent methods.

Some of the ways I reduce my impact are by: choosing to use metals that have a high percentage of recycled material (silver and gold), replacing harsh chemicals such as nitric and sulfuric acids with less harmful alternatives like citric acid, and sourcing gemstones from ethical suppliers.

My home and studio are designed with passive solar heating in mind, augmented by geothermal heating. I continue to find ways to reduce my impact on the environment.

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